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Web publishing logs
Note  The following information is for server administrators and group administrators.
By default, the Web Publishing Engine generates the following log information for Custom Web Publishing and FileMaker WebDirect. The wpe.log records:
Any Web Publishing Engine errors that have occurred, including application errors, usage errors, and system errors. You can also have the Web Publishing Engine include information related to Custom Web Publishing, such as end-user XML requests to generate web publishing output or changes to the Custom Web Publishing settings.
End-user requests to view FileMaker WebDirect solutions. These requests are routed from the web server directly to the Web Publishing Core component of the Web Publishing Engine.
Changes to the FileMaker WebDirect settings.
All FileMaker WebDirect errors, FileMaker script, and user log information.
The error information describes any unusual Web Publishing Engine errors that have occurred. Common errors reported to the web user, such as “Database not open,” are not recorded.
The script information describes any errors generated when web users execute scripts. For example, it lists script steps that are skipped if they’re not supported for FileMaker WebDirect.
To view information from the web publishing log file in the Log Viewer pane, see Viewing log file entries.
To configure logging for web publishing, see General web publishing settings.
See FileMaker Server Custom Web Publishing Guide.
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