General web publishing settings
General web publishing settings
Note  The following information is for server administrators.
When you configure web publishing settings, Admin Console prompts you to restart the Web Publishing Engine after you save changes to settings. This makes all web published databases unavailable to web users while the Web Publishing Engine restarts.
Important  Change web publishing settings only when the Web Publishing Engine is not being used. Web publishing clients can lose unsaved work when the Web Publishing Engine restarts.
To specify web publishing settings, click the Web Publishing > General Settings tab.
Do this
Enable web publishing solutions to use plug-ins
Select Enable web publishing to use plug-ins so that plug-in files can be used with FileMaker WebDirect solutions and Custom Web Publishing solutions.
Allow web publishing solutions to update plug-ins using the Install Plug-In File script step
Select Allow Install Plug-In File script step to install, update, and load plug-ins for web publishing.
Note  This setting applies to FileMaker WebDirect solutions and Custom Web Publishing solutions.
Enable logging for Web Publishing
Select Enable logging for Web Publishing so that errors and other information is stored in the wpe.log. Error logging enables logging from the Web Publishing Engine, FileMaker WebDirect errors, and errors from FileMaker scripts run by the Web Publishing Engine. The logging level for messages determines what type of information is captured.
Set the maximum log size
Specify the Log Size. The log size can be from 1 MB to 1000 MB. The default is 40 MB.
The number specified is the maximum size for the wpe.log file, which you find in the Logs folder. When the wpe.log file reaches this maximum size, the Web Publishing Engine copies the wpe.log file to a single backup file, wpe.log.1, and creates a new wpe.log file. See Web publishing logs.
Set the logging level for messages
Select Error level messages to log any Web Publishing Engine errors that have occurred, including application errors, usage errors, and system errors.
Select Info and Error level messages to log error information and information about access to the Web Publishing Engine, including a record of all end-user XML requests to generate Custom Web Publishing output.
This setting changes the amount of information that is written to the wpe.log file.
Set the maximum number of Custom Web Publishing connections
Specify the Maximum Number of Custom Web Publishing Connections.
Note  Although FileMaker Server allows an unrestricted number of simultaneous connections for Custom Web Publishing clients, most operating systems impose their own limits on the number of network connections and open files that a process may use. This operating system limit sets the effective limit on the number of simultaneous client connections.
See Web publishing logs.
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