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Event log
Note  The following information is for server administrators and group administrators.
Events that occur while the Database Server is running are logged and timestamped. Typical events that are logged include:
Database Server starting or stopping
database files opened and closed by the Database Server
consistency checks performed on files that were not closed properly
new, completed, upcoming, and currently running schedules
the reason why an enabled schedule was not successful
scripting errors from FileMaker script schedules
administrator groups added, changed, renamed, or removed
predefined errors and conditions that the Database Server detects in your configuration
current properties settings when the Database Server starts up, and settings that were changed during a Database Server session
Events are logged in the tab-delimited Event.log file that is created in the FileMaker Server/Logs/ folder.
To view information from the Event.log file in the Log Viewer pane, see Viewing log file entries.
When the Event.log file reaches the log size specified on the Database Server > Logging tab, it is renamed Event-old.log and a new Event.log file is created. To configure the size of the Event.log file, see Logging and statistics settings.
In Windows, events are also logged in the Windows Application Log accessed with the Event Viewer. See Viewing activities in the Event Viewer (Windows).
For information about the error conditions reported in the Event.log file, see FileMaker Server event log messages.
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