Viewing activities in the Event Viewer (Windows)
Note  The following information is for server administrators.
To view information about FileMaker Server activities, you can use the Windows Event Viewer. To open Event Viewer:
Windows versions with the Start menu: Choose Start menu > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer. Select the Application log.
Windows versions with the Start screen: Open Search, then type to find the Event Viewer. Double-click it. Select the Application log.
In the Source column, look for events logged by FileMaker Server. Double-click an event to display details about it.
Note  The Event Viewer messages are saved in the Event.log text file. If the Event.log file is unreadable, you can click Export in the Log Viewer to save information displayed in the Event Viewer as a tab-delimited text file (.TXT) and then view the information using an application that can open tab-delimited text files.
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