Naming the schedule and sending email notifications
Note  The following information is for server administrators and group administrators.
The schedule name appears in the Schedules list.
1. Enter a Schedule Name.
Note  The schedule name can contain up to 31 characters.
2. Select Send email notification, then enter the Email Addresses that will be notified. You can enter multiple addresses separated by a comma.
3. Select Enable this schedule to run the schedule at the next scheduled time.
Note  You can also enable or disable a schedule in the Schedules list using menu commands.
Email notifications are sent whether the schedule completes successfully or not. If email notification for errors or warnings is enabled on the General Settings > Email Notifications tab, a second email message is sent to the email addresses specified in the Schedule assistant. If an email address appears on both lists, the addressee receives two email messages about the same event. See Receiving email notifications only when a schedule fails.
Email notification requires the SMTP server configuration settings specified on the General Settings > Email Notifications tab. If the SMTP server has not been configured, you should configure the SMTP server first. See Email notification settings for configuration instructions. If you are a group administrator, you must contact the server administrator to configure the SMTP server for you.
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