Receiving email notifications only when a schedule fails
Note  The following information is for server administrators.
Administrators may want to receive email notifications only when a scheduled task fails. If you enable email notifications for a scheduled task, all addressees receive emails every time the task completes, whether the task fails or succeeds. To stop receiving these email messages, you can disable email notifications (or remove your email address from the list) for a specific schedule using the Schedule assistant.
Because FileMaker Server adds an entry in the Event.log file whenever a schedule fails, you can enable notifications for warnings and errors and receive an email only when a schedule fails.
1. Create a new schedule or edit an existing schedule.
For instructions on creating or editing a scheduled task, see Creating, editing, duplicating, and deleting a schedule.
2. Confirm the schedule settings in each step and click Next in the Schedule assistant until you reach the Options page with the Enable Email Notifications feature.
3. To disable all email notifications for this schedule, clear Send email notification.
To continue sending email notifications to other addressees, leave email notifications enabled but remove the email addresses that you don’t want to receive email notifications.
4. Click Next, then Finish.
5. Click the General Settings > Email Notifications tab.
6. Select Send Email Notifications to, then enter the email address that you want to receive email notifications of errors and warnings. You can select Errors only and Warnings or errors.
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