Understanding password strength
FileMaker recommends that you use strong passwords. Here are some suggestions for improving the strength of your password:
Stronger passwords are longer passwords. Use eight or more characters in your password.
Passwords are case-sensitive. Include lowercase and uppercase alphabetic characters.
Include non-alphabetic characters, such as numbers and punctuation characters.
Note  Use only ASCII characters in passwords, such as a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and punctuation characters like “!” and “%.” Because you use a web browser to access Admin Console, passwords containing certain accented characters or non-Roman characters may not work.
Avoid repeating characters, using characters in the order they appear on the keyboard, using characters in alphabetic order, or using numbers in numeric order.
Passwords are less secure when they include strings that are easily guessed, such as names (especially the names of family and pets), birth dates, anniversary dates, and in particular the words password, default, master, admin, and similar standard terms.
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