Admin Console settings
Admin Console settings
Note  The following information is for server administrators.
To specify Admin Console settings, click the General Settings > Admin Console tab.
Do this
Restrict Admin Console to specific IP addresses
For Restrict Access:
Select Enable access restrictions.
Enter one or more IP addresses, separated by commas.
Note  Any changes to this setting require restarting FileMaker Server on the master machine. See Starting or stopping the FileMaker Server service (Windows) or Starting or stopping FileMaker Server background processes (macOS).
Important  You can run FileMaker Server Admin Console on the master machine even if you enable access restrictions.
Change the Admin Console account user name and password
For Authentication:
1. Click Change User Name/Password to open the dialog box.
2. For the Admin Console user name, enter the new name in New User Name. To keep the current user name, leave the field blank.
3. Enter the Current Password.
4. Enter a New Password, then enter it again in Confirm Password.
5. Enter a Password Hint that will help you remember the password.
6. The hint is displayed on the Login page after three failed attempts to enter the user name and password.
This change is effective immediately.
Allow members of an external authentication group to log in to Admin Console
Select Use external group and enter an optional domain or local machine name followed by the external authentication group name. For example: groupname, domain\groupname, or groupname@localmachine. The external authentication group can be the fmsadmin group or another external authentication group that is not associated with an administrator group. See Managing administrator groups.
You can limit the number of external authentication groups FileMaker Server searches when authenticating users by specifying the domain or local machine name in either of the following formats:
domain\group or localmachine\group
group@domain or group@localmachine
If you do not specify a domain or local machine name, here is how FileMaker Server searches for the external authentication group on these platforms:
macOS: searches the local machine only
Windows: searches the domain, if the computer is a member of a domain, then searches the local machine
To test your external group setting, click Test External Group. If the test fails, verify the external group name information.
Check for FileMaker Server updates
For Check for Updates, select Enable FileMaker Server to check for updates.
Important  To prevent unauthorized users from mistakenly logging in to Admin Console as the server administrator, make sure the Admin Console user name and password do not match any user name and password in any of the external authentication groups associated with Admin Console or any administrator group. Use a unique user name and a strong password that is at least 8 characters and a combination of letters and numbers. Note that the Admin Console user name and administrator group names are not case sensitive, but passwords are. See External authentication for Admin Console and administrator groups.
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