Server information settings
Server information settings
Note  The following information is for server administrators.
To specify server information settings, click the General Settings > Server Information tab.
Do this
Specify the host name that is displayed in FileMaker Server Admin Console, FileMaker Pro, and FileMaker Go
Enter the Server Name.
Tip  Use names consisting of standard ASCII characters without spaces. Do not use a slash (/) in the server name.
The server name appears:
on the FileMaker Server Start Page
in the FileMaker Pro Launch Center
in the FileMaker Go Launch Center
Specify a server description
For Server Description, enter a description of the FileMaker Server computer. This description appears on the Start Page.
Specify the FileMaker Server owner, email address, location, and phone number
For Administrator Contact Information, enter the contact information for the person who administers this FileMaker Server deployment.
This contact information appears:
on the Start Page
on a directory service
Windows: For information on publishing the administrator contact information to a directory service, see the Active Directory Schema documentation.
View or update your FileMaker Server license information
For License Information, click Change License Key.
1. Enter the Name and Organization and your new License Key.
2. Click Update.
You can also update the license key if you were previously using a trial version. For information, visit the FileMaker Store. See About the license key.