About the license key
About the license key
Note  The following information is for server administrators.
FileMaker software comes with a unique, 35-character license key. Do not lose this license key. We recommend that you keep the license key in a safe place in case the software ever needs to be reinstalled.
You received an email message with a link to your software download page. Your license key can be found on that page.
The license key ensures adherence to the single user license agreement, which generally allows for use of one (1) copy of the software on a single machine or one instance of a multiple-machine deployment at a time (refer to your Software License). If the license key is invalid or if another copy of the software installed with that same license key is running on the network, the FileMaker Server software displays an error message and does not start.
FileMaker Server comes with one (1) User Connections client connection; however, additional connections can be purchased from the FileMaker Store.
You can choose to deploy FileMaker Server components across multiple machines that work together to form a single FileMaker Server deployment. You must have a unique license key or obtain a volume license for more than one deployment. You must license one copy of FileMaker Server for each deployment.
Changing the FileMaker Server license
To upgrade your license from a trial version of FileMaker Server 16 on the same machine, you must change your FileMaker Server license key.
To change the FileMaker Server license of an existing deployment, see Server information settings.
To move your FileMaker Server 16 deployment to a new machine or to upgrade from an earlier version of FileMaker Server, see FileMaker Server Installation and Configuration Guide.