Create a Script for this Report (New Layout/Report assistant)
In this panel of the New Layout/Report assistant, you can automate your report by creating a script for it.
To have FileMaker Pro create a script to rerun this report:
1. Select Create a script.
2. Type a script name to appear in the Scripts menu, or keep the default name.
This is the script name that you will choose from the Scripts menu when you want to rerun this report.
3. Optionally, select Run script automatically if you want FileMaker Pro to display an up-to-date report each time you open this layout.
Notes and tips
If your layout contains summary data but it doesn’t appear in the report when you run the script, you might need to switch to List View or Table View.
When you create a script, FileMaker Pro includes default steps, which you can modify after you finish the assistant. For example, you can add or delete steps, delete or change the script name in the Scripts menu, or create a button on the layout to run the script.
If you want to include only a certain subset of the records in the database when you run this report, you can edit the script to include a Perform Find script step after you finish the assistant.
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