Adding and viewing data > Viewing records as a form, list, or table
Viewing records as a form, list, or table
You can change the way records display or print.
To view records
Do this in Browse mode, Find mode, or Preview mode
Click Form View Form View button in the layout bar.
In a list
Click List View List View button.
In a spreadsheet-like table
Click Table View Table View button.
Each row displays a record, and each column displays a field.
Some views may not be available for each layout. If you have layout design privileges, you can select the views that are available.
For layouts that contain panel controls, in Form or List View, click the panel control to bring the associated panel to the front for viewing. Table View displays all fields from each panel.
Subsummary parts appear in Table View and List View when sorted by break fields, and update dynamically when you change data in the file.
To display field borders and field fill on only the current record in List View, see Showing field borders and fill for the current record.
Popover buttons appear in Form View and List View. Clicking a popover button in List View displays the popover for that record only. Popovers do not appear in Table View unless they are in the header or footer part, or the top or bottom navigation part.
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