Saving and loading schedules > Saving schedules settings

Saving schedules settings

1. Click the Configuration > Script Schedules tab or the Backups > Backup Schedules tab.

2. Choose Save or Load > Save All Schedules.

3. Save the schedule settings file to the location defined by your web browser, or find a new location. The file is created with the default name fms18_settings.settings.


The schedule settings file contains all the information for backup schedules, script schedules, message schedules, and verify database schedules. It does not contain other Admin Console settings.

All passwords in the schedule settings file are encrypted.

Do not edit the schedule settings file; if you do, the settings will not load.

When you save a schedule settings file, it is saved in the language of the base operating system installation on the master machine. When you load a schedule settings file, the language of the settings file can be different from the language setting on the master machine.