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Returns the width, in points, of the window content area.


Get ( WindowContentWidth )



Data type returned 


Originated in 

FileMaker Pro 7.0


The content area depends on the current size of the active window but doesn't include the title bar, scroll bars, or page margins. The content area is the space inside these controls.


In FileMaker WebDirect, the content area includes the menu bar, status toolbar, scroll bars, and footer area.

In FileMaker Go, the content area includes the layout but doesn't include the device status bar, menu bar, or toolbar.

Example 1 

Returns 400 in macOS when the current window width is 415.

Example 2 

The example below combines Get(WindowContentWidth) with Get(WindowWidth) to determine the width of the vertical scroll bar:

Get(WindowWidth) - Get(WindowContentWidth) returns 15 in macOS when the window width is 415.

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