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Returns the name of the FileMaker user, as specified in the General tab of the Preferences dialog box.


Get ( UserName )



Data type returned 


Originated in 

FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier


The returned name is user-specified.

Important  For greater security, use the Get(AccountName) function to track and manage user access: a user cannot change the account name used to log in to a database file.

In FileMaker WebDirect, this function returns [WebDirect-<xxxxx>], where <xxxxx> is the last five digits of the current persistent ID. See the Get(PersistentID) function.

In FileMaker Go, this function returns the User Name specified in the Settings menu.

In server-side scripts, this function returns:

the schedule name, if the script is run by a schedule

<script name> - <account name> <x>, where <x> is the number of scripts run since the FileMaker Script Engine was started

Example 1 

Returns Sharon Lloyd when Sharon Lloyd is the current user. For an example script, see Add Account script step.

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