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Returns 1 (true) if the touch keyboard is set to display automatically when needed; otherwise, returns 0 (false).


Get ( TouchKeyboardState )



Data type returned 


Originated in 

FileMaker Pro 14.0


In FileMaker Go and Windows, this function returns:

1 if the touch keyboard is enabled

0 if the touch keyboard is disabled

In Windows 7, macOS, FileMaker WebDirect, server-side scripts, the FileMaker Data API, and Custom Web Publishing, this function is not supported and returns 0.


In FileMaker Go, the value returned by this function does not indicate the state of the touch keyboard if the active field is a concealed edit box, because FileMaker Go always displays the touch keyboard for a concealed edit box.

Example 1 

Checks the current setting of the touch keyboard and disables the touch keyboard if it is enabled.

If [ Get ( TouchKeyboardState ) = 1]
Enable Touch Keyboard [Off]
End If

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