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Returns the current account's group name.


Get ( AccountGroupName )



Data type returned 


Originated in 

FileMaker Pro 16.0


If the current user's account type is one of the following, this function returns information about the group the user is in; otherwise, it returns an empty string.


For account type


FileMaker ID account

FileMaker ID group name

External server account

Group name

OAuth identity provider account

Group object ID

Example 1 

Returns Sales if you are signed in as a FileMaker ID user who is in the Sales group of a FileMaker ID team.

Example 2 

Returns Marketing if you are signed in to an external server account that belongs to the Marketing group on the authentication server.

Example 3 

Returns e849544f-8a50-4c6e-b1c3-d38c7dc2bfd3 if you are signed in to an account that belongs to a group with the ID "e849544f-8a50-4c6e-b1c3-d38c7dc2bfd3" on Microsoft Azure AD, an OAuth identity provider.

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