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Allow User Abort

Allows or prevents users from stopping a running script.

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On allows users to stop a script by pressing Esc or Command-.(period) (macOS).

Off prevents users from stopping a script by pressing Esc or Command-.(period) (macOS).





FileMaker Pro Advanced 


FileMaker Go 


FileMaker WebDirect 


FileMaker Server 


FileMaker Cloud products 


FileMaker Data API 


Custom Web Publishing 


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FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier


The Allow User Abort script step affects the script that it is executed in and all sub-scripts.

By default, users can stop a script by pressing Esc or Command-.(period) (macOS). To prevent users from stopping a script, use the Allow User Abort script step and set it to Off.

By default, unknown (obsolete or unrecognized) script steps will stop a script. To change this behavior, set the Allow User Abort script step to one of the following. In either case, unknown script steps return FileMaker Pro Advanced error 4 ("Command is unknown").

On (default) allows unknown script steps to stop the script

Off skips unknown script steps and allows the script to continue to run

Clients can't stop server-side scripts and scripts performed via Custom Web Publishing or the FileMaker Data API. In these cases, this script step determines only whether unknown script steps are skipped.

In FileMaker Go, this script step can also affect how a running script performs when a user switches back to FileMaker Go. See FileMaker Go Development Guide.

Example 1 

Displays the records in the Print Invoices layout in a new window in Preview mode and pauses the script. You can click Continue to print the invoices, or you can cancel printing in the Print dialog box because in the Print script step, the With dialog option is On. Allow User Abort is Off so that you aren't left with an extra window open if you cancel the script.

Allow User Abort [Off]
New Window [Style: Floating Document; Name: "Print Invoices"; Using layout: "Print Invoices" (Invoices)]
Enter Preview Mode [Pause: On]
Print [Restore: Printer; With dialog: On]
Close Window [Current Window]

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