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Using Help

FileMaker Pro Advanced Help provides comprehensive, step-by-step instructions on FileMaker Pro Advanced features.

Using Help when you have an Internet connection

Choose Help menu > FileMaker Pro Advanced Help. To get help, you can:

browse the Help table of contents to locate topics by subject; if you don’t see the table of contents, click Table of contents button

click buttons on the Home page for help on frequently used topics

search for particular topics by entering a topic title or a keyword in the search box

When you’re working in a dialog box, press F1 (Windows) or Command-? (macOS).

Some dialog boxes display a Help button (Windows) or Help button (macOS) button or a Learn More link, which you can click for context-sensitive help on using that dialog box.

In the Script Workspace and the Specify Calculation dialog box, click a script step or function in the list. A description appears below the list. To view more information, click Help button.

Using Help offline

You can get help as you work offline, but you must be connected to the Internet to download Help.

Note  You cannot get context-sensitive help about dialog boxes when using Help offline.

1. On the Home page in Help, click Download FileMaker Pro Advanced Help.

2. If needed, extract the downloaded ZIP file.

3. Open the file, Open Help.html.

To print a Help topic:

With the Help topic displayed, click Print button, then click Print.