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Returns unique values that are in a list based on the specified data type and locale.




values - any text expression or field that’s a list of values separated by carriage returns.

datatype - a number that specifies the type of data in values (see below).

locale - the name of the locale of the data in values (see below).

Parameters in braces { } are optional.

Data type returned 


Originated in 

FileMaker Pro 16.0


Each returned value ends with a carriage return, allowing lists to be easily concatenated. See LeftValues function for more information on working with lists of values.

The datatype and locale parameters work the same as those of the SortValues function, except that they affect only how this function determines uniqueness; the data is not sorted. Uniqueness is determined in the same manner as for indexing. See Choosing a language for indexing or sorting.


If you set the locale parameter to Unicode_Raw, this function will distinguish between values based on their Unicode numeric encoding, which for example, differentiates between characters with different case and diacritical marks.

This function is not supported in runtime solutions and returns "?".

Example 1 

UniqueValues ( "34¶600¶18¶600¶18.0" ; 2 ) returns


Example 2 

UniqueValues ( Product::Colors ) removes duplicates based on the default data type of text in a file in which the locale is English:


when the Product::Colors field contains RED¶green¶red¶yellow¶.

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