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Adding tooltips on layouts

1. In Layout mode, select the object to which you want to add a tooltip.

2. In the Inspector, click the Position Position tab.

3. In the Position area:



Do this

Create a tooltip that displays static text

Type the text you want to appear as the tooltip in the Tooltip field.

Create a tooltip that displays the results of a calculation

Click Edit button.

In the Specify Calculation dialog box, build a formula for your calculation.

4. Press Enter or Tab, or click outside the Inspector to apply the changes.

Tip  In Layout mode, choose View menu > Show > Tooltips to identify objects with tooltips. Objects with tooltips display a badge Tooltip badge in Layout mode.


You can add tooltips to the objects in a group, but you can’t add tooltips to a group.

If the object’s tooltip calculation returns an empty string, no tooltip displays. For example, if your tooltip displays related data and the relationship is missing, the tooltip will be empty. If an error occurs in the calculation, the tooltip displays invalid or partially valid results with question marks.

Your operating system determines the tooltip font, font size, and display time.

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