Specify Fields (New Layout/Report assistant)

In this panel of the New Layout/Report assistant, you select the fields that you want to include in the report. The fields appear on the layout in the order you specify.



Do this

Include a field in the report

In Available fields, double-click the fields you want, in the order you want them to appear.

To choose a field from another table, first choose the table from the list of tables, and then choose the field. You can also create a new field or table by choosing Manage Database from the list of tables.

Remove fields you've already selected

In Fields shown on layout/report, double-click the field you want to remove.

Change the order of the fields in the report

In Fields shown on layout/report, drag the double-arrow next to the field name to a new position.


If you are creating a sorted report, include the fields you want to sort by. If you are creating a report with grouped data, include the break fields. Even if you don't want sort or break fields to appear in the body of the report, FileMaker Pro Advanced needs them to structure the report correctly. If you see in a later panel that the field you want isn't available, click Back to return to this panel.

After you finish the assistant, you have complete control over placing or removing fields or portals in Layout mode.

In a report with grouped data, add the break field twice if you want it to appear in the body part as well as in the subsummary part.

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