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Sort Records by Field

Sorts the records in the current found set according to the context of a specified field.

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Specify target field specifies the field you want to sort by.

Ascending displays data in ascending order.

Descending displays data in descending order.

Associated value list displays data in the order determined by the value list associated with the field.





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FileMaker Pro 12.0


Sorts the records in the current found set according to the context of a specified field, letting you create scripts that behave similarly to interactively using the shortcut menu in Table View. If you do not specify a field, the script sorts by the field that is active when the script runs. If there is no active field when the script runs, FileMaker Pro Advanced displays an invalid sort order alert.

Tip  You can find the records you want to sort (using Perform Find script step or Show All Records script step) before using this script step. You don't need to use the Enter Browse Mode script step or Go to Record/Request/Page script step after using Sort Records by Field.

Example 1 

Sorts the current found set by the active field. Can be started by the OnObjectValidate script trigger to maintain the current found set's sort order when field values change.

Sort Records by Field [Ascending]

Example 2 

Shows invoices for the current customer ID, with the most recent invoice listed first.

Find Matching Records [Replace; Invoices::Customer ID]
Sort Records by Field [Descending; Invoices::Invoice ID]

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