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Prints information that is in a file.

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With dialog specifies whether to display the Print dialog box when the script step is performed.

Specify print options allows you to specify an output destination (Restore indicates print options are stored in the script step). When the script runs, the output from this script step is sent to the printer or fax you specified.

macOS: As an alternative to specifying a printer or fax, you can click PDF in the Print dialog box, then choose a PDF option from the list or choose Edit menu to define a custom PDF output format or destination.

If you do not specify an output destination before saving the script or if the specified printer cannot be found when the script runs, the output from the script step is sent to the user’s default printer.





FileMaker Pro Advanced 


FileMaker Go 


FileMaker WebDirect 


FileMaker Server 


FileMaker Cloud 


FileMaker Data API 


Custom Web Publishing 


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FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier


You can store print options with this script step, or allow the user to enter printing criteria when the step executes.

If the print job needs special page setup options to print correctly, add a Print Setup script step before the Print step.


In FileMaker WebDirect:

This script step creates a PDF in a new web browser tab. To print the PDF, use the web browser’s controls.

If fonts don’t display correctly in the PDF, make sure that all required fonts are installed and available to the Web Publishing Engine in your FileMaker Server deployment. See FileMaker Server Help.

Web viewers don’t display content in PDFs.

When you use more than one Print script step in a script, the saved printer name applies to only the containing Print script step.

The settings for double-sided printing and number of copies have no effect in FileMaker Go. Also, this script step has no option for setting the maximum image DPI, but you can choose a resolution in the FileMaker Go Print Setup dialog.

In FileMaker Go, setting the With dialog option to Off displays the iOS Print dialog, but it doesn’t display the FileMaker Go Print Setup dialog.

Example 1 

Goes to the Print Invoices layout, sorts the records, and prints.

Go to Layout ["Print Invoices"]
Sort Records [Restore; With dialog: Off]
Print [Restore: Printer; With dialog: Off]

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