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Perform Find/Replace

Finds/replaces data according to the options in the Perform Find/Replace Options dialog box.

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With dialog specifies whether to display the Find/Replace Summary dialog box at the end of the find/replace operation. Setting With dialog to Off also prevents display of the confirmation dialog box when a Replace All operation is executed.

If you want the user to be able to enter find or replace criteria, use the Open Find/Replace script step.

Perform lets you choose which action you want the find/replace to perform:

Find Next finds an instance of the find term.

Replace & Find finds an instance of the find term, then replaces the term and searches for the next instance when the script is run again.

Replace replaces highlighted text that matches the find term with the replace term. When using the Replace action, you may need to pair the Perform Find/Replace script step with the Select All script step.

Replace All finds and replaces all instances of the find term.

Find what specifies the find term.

Replace with specifies text to replace instances of the find term.

Direction specifies the direction you want the find/replace to search through records.

Match case considers the find term’s case when performing the find.

Match whole words only omits finds where the find term is embedded in another word.

All records/requests finds within all records/requests in the found set.

Current records/requests restricts the find to the current record/request.

All fields finds within every field on the layout.

Current field restricts the find to within the active field. You can use the Go to Field script step to select the field before the Find/Replace is performed.





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FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier


If Perform Find/Replace doesn't find data that matches the find term, it doesn’t return an error.

Example 1 

Replaces text in the Reorder Level field that matches the find criteria in all records without prompting the user.

Go to Field [Products::Reorder Level]
Perform Find/Replace [With dialog: Off; 1; 3; Replace All]

Example 2 

Goes to the next occurrence of the product name in the Description field.

Show Custom Dialog ["Do you want to find the current product name in the Description field?"]
If [Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 1]
Go to Field [Products::Description]
Perform Find/Replace [With dialog: Off; Products::Name; Find Next]
End If

Example 3 

Replaces specific terms in the current field with record data.

Show Custom Dialog ["Do you want to replace placeholder terms with record data?"]
If [Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 1]
Perform Find/Replace [With dialog: Off; "[NAME]"; Customers::Name; Replace All]
Perform Find/Replace [With dialog: Off; "[COMPANY]"; Customers::Company; Replace All]
Perform Find/Replace [With dialog: Off; "[ADDRESS]"; Customers::Address; Replace All]
End If

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