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Returns the number of occurrences of searchString in text.




text - any text expression or text field

searchString - any text expression or text field representing the set of characters you want to find

Data type returned 


Originated in 

FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier


This function is not case sensitive. PatternCount begins at the start of text and counts each non-overlapping occurrence of searchString.

Example 1 

PatternCount ( "Mississippi" ; "is" ) returns 2.

Example 2 

PatternCount ( "Mississippi" ; "issi" ) returns 1 (the function isn’t inclusive).

Example 3 

PatternCount ( Attending ; "Guest" ) returns 1 if the Guest checkbox is one of the items selected in the Attending field.

Example 4 

PatternCount ( Get ( AccountPrivilegeSetName ) ; "Guest" ) returns 0 if the current account has the Full Access privilege set.

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