Organize Records by Category (New Layout/Report assistant)

In this panel of the New Layout/Report assistant, you select the break fields that you want to categorize your report by. For example, if you have sales data that you want to group by region, you would choose the Region field.

In Report categories, the order of the break fields determines the hierarchy, or nesting, of the categories. So, if you want to group sales data by region and then by city, you would choose the Region field first, and then the City field.



Do this

Include a break field

In Report fields, double-click the fields you want, in the order you want them used in the hierarchy.

Note  Only the fields you chose in the previous panel are available. If you need to add a field, click Back. The assistant saves your choices in this and all preceding panels.

Display break fields in the body of the report

In the Report categories list, select the checkboxes of the break fields you want to display in the body of the report.

Hide break fields in the body of the report

In the Report categories list, clear the checkboxes next to the fields that you want to prevent from appearing in the body of the report.

Note  Data in the report will be grouped by all fields you include in the Report categories list, but non-selected fields will not appear in the report.

Remove fields you've already selected

In Report categories, double-click the field you want to remove.

Change the order of the break fields to change the hierarchy of the grouping

In Report categories, drag the double-arrow next to the field name (Windows) or drag the field name (macOS) to a new position.

As you change the number of break fields in Report categories, the image on the right changes to reflect your choices. The assistant displays the selected break fields in shades of blue to help you judge the hierarchy that you want.

FileMaker Pro Advanced automatically sorts your report by the fields you choose for report categories. (They are preselected in the Sort Records panel that you see next.)


If you chose to include subtotals (in the New Layout/Report panel), FileMaker Pro Advanced will subsummarize fields based on the report categories you choose in this panel. You will specify how the subsummaries work in the Specify Subtotals panel later in the assistant. (FileMaker Pro Advanced uses the term subsummary to include not only subtotals, but also averages, counts, and other summary data for a subset of records.)

Container, calculation, and summary fields can't be break fields; they are dimmed in Report fields.

You can choose up to 10 break fields.

For each break field you add, FileMaker Pro Advanced adds a subsummary part to the layout. After you finish with the assistant, you can modify characteristics like pagination and page numbering. See Changing a layout part.

Each break field appears before the group of records you're categorizing (in a leading subsummary part). You can set a break field to appear after the detail records by changing it to a trailing subsummary part. See Changing a layout part.

If you want only a summary report (with no detail records), you can delete the body part after you finish the assistant.

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