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Open URL

Allows the user to open a URL.

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With dialog specifies whether to display the "Open URL" Options dialog box when the script step is performed.

URL allows you to type the URL or to create your URL from a calculation.





FileMaker Pro Advanced 


FileMaker Go 


FileMaker WebDirect 


FileMaker Server 


FileMaker Cloud 


FileMaker Data API 


Custom Web Publishing 


Runtime solution 


Originated in 

FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier


Open URL supports http, https, ldap, ldaps, ftp, file, and mailto URL types, using the application registered with the operating system for each URL type. For example, if the URL starts with http, FileMaker Pro Advanced opens the user's web browser and processes the URL.

If the specified URL contains spaces or other special characters, replace the characters with the corresponding encoded values required for valid URLs. For example, replace "@" with "%40".

Note  FileMaker WebDirect does not support the file:// protocol.

Example 1 

Opens the user's web browser and displays the FileMaker, Inc. homepage.

Open URL [With dialog: Off; ""]

Example 2 

Opens Windows Notepad and opens the file My_File.txt on the root level of the user's hard disk.

Open URL [With dialog: Off; "file://c:/My_File.txt"]

Example 3 

Launches the default email application, opens a new email, and uses the value in the Email field to address the message.

Open URL [With dialog: Off; "mailto:" & Customers::Email]

Example 4 

Opens a shared FileMaker Pro Advanced file running on another system.

Open URL [With dialog: Off; "fmp://account:password@host/database"]
#where "account" is the FileMaker Pro Advanced account name, "password" is the account password, "host" is a DNS entry, IPv4 address, or IPv6 address for the machine where the file resides, and "database" is the FileMaker Pro Advanced filename.

Important  Account name and password information entered in an Open URL script step is visible to users with script editing access privileges, and is therefore not secure.

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