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Queries JSON data for an element specified by an object name, an array index, or a path.




json - any text expression or field that contains a JSON object or array.

keyOrIndexOrPath - any text expression or field that specifies a JSON object name (key), an array index, or a path. See Working with the JSON functions.

Data type returned 

text, number

Originated in 

FileMaker Pro 16.0


If the JSON value at keyOrIndexOrPath is a number or a Boolean, this function returns a number; otherwise, it returns text.


This function is not supported in runtime solutions and returns "?".

Example 1 

JSONGetElement ( "{ \"a\" : 11, \"b\" : 22, \"c\" : 33 }" ; "b" ) returns 22 as a number.

Example 2 

JSONGetElement ( "[ true, false, true ]" ; 1 ) returns 0 (false) as a number.

Example 3 

From the Example JSON data stored in the $$JSON variable, gets the value of the "name" object of the second "product" object in the array.

JSONGetElement ( $$JSON ; "bakery.product[1]name" ) returns Chocolate Cake as text.

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