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Specifying formats for timestamp fields

1. In Layout mode, select one or more timestamp fields.

2. In the Inspector, click the Data Data tab.

3. In the Data Formatting area, click Date Date button (for the date), Time Time button (for hours and minutes), and Number Number button (for seconds and fractional seconds) to choose a format for each timestamp component.

In the Number area, only two options affect the display of the seconds component: Fixed number of decimals and Separators.


You must specify formats for date and time components before any formatting will be applied. If you select As entered for either Date or Time, the data in the timestamp field appears the way it is entered.

To format timestamps based on the current system formats when the file is opened, select Short System Date (for example, 11/11/2019) or Long System Date (for example, Monday, November 11, 2019) and Short System Time (for example, 8:23 AM) or Long System Time (for example, 8:23:54 AM).

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