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Specifying formats for time fields

1. In Layout mode, select one or more time fields or calculation fields with a time result.

2. In the Inspector, click the Data Data tab.

3. In the Data Formatting area, click Time Time button, then select the formats you want to use from the Format list.


To display times

Do this

Exactly as entered

For Format, select As entered.

In a predefined format

For Format, select a format from the list.

With leading zeros (as in
05:09:02) or leading spaces (as in
 5: 9: 2)

For Leading character, choose options.

Using a different Japanese time display (if you’re using a font that contains Japanese characters)

In the Japanese area, choose a Numeral type.

With different text formatting

Use the Appearance Appearance tab in the Inspector to choose text attributes. See Specifying text formats for fields.

Using the current system formats for times

For Format, select Short System Time (for example, 8:23 AM) or Long System Time (for example, 8:23:54 AM).

FileMaker Pro Advanced formats times based on the current system formats when the file is opened.

If you want to format the seconds component to display fractional seconds, continue with the next step.

4. Click the Data Data tab, then click Number Number button in the Data Formatting area.

5. Select the formatting options you want.

Only two options affect the display of the seconds component: Fixed number of decimals and Decimal separator.

6. Press Enter or Tab, or click outside the Inspector to apply the changes.

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