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Working with favorite files and hosts

To manage favorite files:

1. Choose File menu > My Apps > Show My Apps.

In the Recent or Create window, click My Apps.

2. In the My Apps window:



Do this

Add a local file as a favorite

Click Add App, click From Browse, then choose a filename.

Add a file shared on your network as a favorite

Click Add App, click From Host, choose a host, then choose a filename.

Remove a favorite file

Right-click the filename, then choose Remove.

Note  The file isn’t deleted from the hard disk; it is only removed from the My Apps window.

To manage favorite hosts:

1. Choose File menu > Hosts > Show Hosts.

Or click Hosts in the Open File dialog box.

2. In the Hosts dialog box:



Do this

Display or hide the list of available hosts that you can access

Next to Local, click the arrow (Windows) or click Show or Hide (macOS).

Make a host a favorite

Right-click the host name in the list, then click Add Favorite.

If you don’t see the host, enter the host name in the hosts search box. Or click Add host button to display the Add Favorite Host dialog box.

Note  Filenames are displayed from the last favorite host that was selected.

Remove a favorite host

Right-click the host name, then click Remove Favorite.

Edit a favorite host

Double-click the host name to display the Edit Favorite Host dialog box.

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