About disconnecting users from FileMaker Server when idle

In the Edit Privilege Set dialog box, you can use the Disconnect user from server when idle option to determine what happens to users of a file shared by FileMaker Server after a certain period of inactivity. You can:

automatically disconnect the user after a certain period of inactivity, or

always keep the user connected

The number of active connections affects the performance of the host. Because you can set this option on a privilege set basis, you can set certain users to be disconnected to improve performance while permitting other users to always maintain their connections.


The FileMaker Server administrator sets the length of time that FileMaker Pro Advanced users can be idle in any database. The FileMaker Pro Advanced Disconnect user from server when idle option determines whether or not a FileMaker Pro Advanced client disconnects a user from a particular database. FileMaker Server administrators should make sure the idle time is long enough not to annoy users with frequent disconnections.

For the privilege set assigned to the Guest account, you most likely should enable Disconnect user from server when idle. This will prevent users who open a file with guest access from remaining connected when idle.

In the Full Access privilege set, the Disconnect user from server when idle option is disabled and cannot be enabled. Therefore users with Full Access privileges remain connected to FileMaker Server when idle.

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