Selecting a FileMaker script to run
Note  The following information is for server administrators and group administrators.
1. Select the script from the Script Name list.
Tip  If a script group in the list is closed, click the icon beside the group name to open the group and view the scripts.
If you still cannot see any scripts for the selected database, check whether the FileMaker Script Engine (FMSE) is running. If it is not running, use the command fmsadmin start fmse to start it. See CLI help for the start command.
Schedule assistant requires script names to be unique. If your database has scripts with the same name, only one of the scripts is included in the Script Name list.
2. Enter an optional Script parameter.
Note  Script parameters are passed to the FileMaker script as text. For example, if you enter the script parameter 5 + 5, then the text string “5 + 5” is passed to the script, not the value 10.
For information on script parameters, see FileMaker Pro Help.
3. Select Time limit (minutes) to stop the script after the minutes entered.
4. Select Abort schedule if time limit reached or server stopped to stop the schedule from running.
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