Selecting the schedule frequency and repeat settings
Note  The following information is for server administrators and group administrators.
1. For Frequency, choose Once Only, Daily, Weekly, or Every n days. If you select Every n days, specify the interval in Repeat Settings.
2. Specify the Schedule Details, which depend on the frequency selected:
Start Date
Select the start date for this schedule. Click the calender to select a date.
Start Time
Only available for Once Only. Run the schedule at the time of day specified.
End Date
Select End Date Enabled, then enter an ending date for this schedule. Click the calender to select a date.
3. Specify the Repeat Settings, which change based on the frequency you select:
Start Time
Select the start time to run the schedule.
Repeat the task
Select this option to have the task repeated every so many minutes or hours.
Enter the number in Every, then select Minutes or Hours.
See Examples of repeating schedules.
Note  If you have scheduled a backup schedule and a verify schedule on the same databases, allow enough time for the first schedule to complete before starting the second schedule.
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