Testing FileMaker Server > Checking the status of your deployment
Checking the status of your deployment
Note  The following information is for server administrators and group administrators.
The Status pane displays real-time status information about your FileMaker Server deployment that is updated every few seconds. In the toolbar, your administrator name appears in the Welcome message. If you are a group administrator, the name of the group you are currently administering appears in the Welcome message.
Important  Group administrators can’t change any settings. As a result, the Gear icon icons are not available to group administrators.
The toolbar also contains the Server and Help menus.
Use the Server menu to edit your deployment, to save and load the schedules and groups settings file, to test whether database hosting is working correctly, and to view additional information from the Start Page.
Use the Help menu to view FileMaker Server Help, find product documentation, or get additional information about your installation of FileMaker Server.
When you start Admin Console, the Status pane is automatically displayed. If you choose a different pane, such as General Settings, you can select the Status pane to redisplay the status information.
The Status pane has these five component sections:
FileMaker Server status and information. See FileMaker Server information.
Web server status. See Web Server information.
FileMaker Data API status. See FileMaker Data API information.
Web Publishing Engine status. See Web Publishing Engine information.
ODBC/JDBC status and sharing. See ODBC/JDBC information.
What the indicators mean
An indicator next to a component, such as Web Server, shows whether that component is enabled and functioning normally.
Green check mark Icon indicating component is enabled
The component is enabled and is functioning normally.
Red exclamation mark Icon indicating an error
The component is not functioning or the master machine cannot communicate with a worker machine or a FileMaker Server component.
Yellow question mark Icon indicating component is not configured
Web publishing is active but has not been configured.
Gray circle Icon indicating component is not available
The component is stopped and must be started for FileMaker Server to use it. See Starting or stopping FileMaker Server components.