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FileMaker Server information
Note  The following information is for server administrators and group administrators.
The Status pane shows the key information about your FileMaker Server, such as current status, host name, connected clients, and hosted databases.
Important  When a group administrator logs in to FileMaker Server, the Status pane may show the total number of hosted databases and connected clients, not just the numbers for the administrator’s group. The icons are not available; therefore, group administrators can’t display other settings panes.
Note  If you see a warning message regarding the standard FileMaker SSL certificate, you should obtain a valid digital certificate. FileMaker Server provides a standard SSL certificate signed by FileMaker, Inc. that does not verify the server name. The FileMaker default SSL certificate is intended only for test purposes. A custom SSL certificate is required for production use.
The following information is shown for FileMaker Server:
FileMaker Server 16
The indicator shows if FileMaker Server is functioning normally. See Starting or stopping FileMaker Server components.
IP Addresses
The IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of the machine running FileMaker Server.
FileMaker Host Name
The name that is assigned to the FileMaker Server deployment. If you are a server administrator, you can change the name. See Server information settings.
Admin Server Started
The date and time when FileMaker Server was last started. See Starting or stopping FileMaker Server components.
Server Version
The version of FileMaker Server.
Error or warning table
A table showing the dates and times of any error or warning messages.
Click the column headings to sort the table by date, type, or description.
Total User Connections clients connected
The total number of clients connected using a User Connections License: FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect.
Click to display the Activity > Clients tab. See Administering clients.
User Connections client limit
The maximum number of clients that can connect using a User Connections License.
Remaining User Connections clients
The remaining number of clients that can connect using a User Connections License.
Additional FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go clients
The number of connected FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go clients that are not using a User Connections license.
Custom Web Publishing connections currently open
The number of web publishing connections currently used by Custom Web Publishing.
To enable or disable Custom Web Publishing with XML, click to view the settings. See XML web publishing settings.
The count shown on the Status pane is updated automatically. This information is not subject to the five-second threshold that is required for connections to appear in the Activity > Clients tab or Activity > Databases tab.
Databases hosted out of total
The number of databases that FileMaker Server is hosting.
Click to display the Activity > Databases tab. See Administering databases.
Schedules are currently enabled
The number of schedules created in the Schedule assistant that are currently enabled to run.
Click to display the Schedules pane and view the current schedules. See Scheduling administrative tasks.
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