Enabling technologies for data sharing and web publishing
In this Deployment assistant step, you can do the following:
Enable your server to be a data source via ODBC and JDBC.
Choose the technologies you want to use to publish your FileMaker databases to web users on the Internet or an intranet. You must enable this feature to use FileMaker Server Custom Web Publishing or FileMaker WebDirect.
To enable the technologies for web publishing:
1. If you want your server to be a data source via ODBC and JDBC, click Yes, enable ODBC/JDBC to enable sharing or click No, do not enable ODBC/JDBC to disable.
2. Click Yes, enable web publishing to publish FileMaker databases to web users or click No, do not enable web publishing.
3. Select the web publishing technologies that you want to use.
Quickly and easily publish FileMaker databases on the web that look and work much like they do in FileMaker Pro.
FileMaker WebDirect
Allow web services to access FileMaker databases using the FileMaker Data API
FileMaker Data API
Send HTTP requests along with XML query commands and parameters and retrieve FileMaker data as an XML document.
Access FileMaker data using the FileMaker API for PHP in PHP web applications.
4. If you enable PHP publishing, choose whether to install the FileMaker supplied version of PHP.
Install FileMaker supplied PHP and the FileMaker API for PHP
Yes, install the FileMaker supported version of PHP
If you already have PHP installed and choose to use the FileMaker supplied engine, your currently installed PHP engine will be disabled.
Use your own installation of PHP
No, use my existing installation of the PHP engine
If you use your own PHP engine, you must manually install the FileMaker API for PHP to use PHP publishing. For instructions, see FileMaker Server Custom Web Publishing Guide.
5. Click Next to go to the next step.
Click Back to return to the previous step or Cancel to exit the Deployment assistant.
You can change the web publishing technology settings in Admin Console. However, you must use the Deployment assistant to change the PHP engine. See Hosting PHP websites.
If you enable the web publishing technologies, FileMaker recommends that you use SSL for database connections with a custom SSL certificate installed.
You can change the OBDC/JDBC setting in General Settings of the Admin Console. See Accessing external ODBC data sources.
Enabling the ODBC/JDBC setting allows clients to use FileMaker Server as a data source using ODBC and JDBC. See FileMaker ODBC and JDBC Guide.
The OBDC/JDBC setting is not needed to host FileMaker Pro databases that access an external SQL data source via ODBC. See Accessing external ODBC data sources.
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