Testing FileMaker Server > Changing a FileMaker Server deployment
Changing a FileMaker Server deployment
Note  The following information is for server administrators.
Use the Deployment assistant to change the settings you specified when you installed FileMaker Server.
To change a FileMaker Server deployment:
1. In Admin Console, choose Server menu > Edit Deployment.
The Deployment assistant starts.
2. Click Next until you see the options you want to change.
The Deployment assistant shows the current selections.
3. Change any of the selections in these Deployment assistant steps. See Enabling technologies for data sharing and web publishing.
You can enable or disable specific web publishing technologies in Admin Console without editing the deployment. See General web publishing settings.
4. In the Deployment Summary step, review your selections. Click Back to make changes to any of your choices.
5. Click Next to confirm your choices.
The Deployment assistant implements your deployment changes and displays the progress. This may take a few minutes.
The information listed in Deployment Progress shows the deployment and configuration changes as they occur. When deployment completes, click Finish to close the Deployment assistant.
To upgrade the operating system on a machine, FileMaker recommends that you first uninstall FileMaker Server, then upgrade the operating system, then reinstall FileMaker Server. See FileMaker Server Installation and Configuration Guide.
For information on upgrading or moving FileMaker Server from an existing installation, see FileMaker Server Installation and Configuration Guide.
To install and configure a FileMaker WebDirect worker machine, see FileMaker Server Installation and Configuration Guide. To add a worker machine to your deployment, use the Deployment assistant on a worker machine, not the Deployment assistant on the master machine.
If you make network configuration changes, changes to the domain name, changes to the port settings, or changes to the SSL certificate on the worker machine, you must disconnect the worker machines, then redeploy and reconnect the worker machines to the master machine.