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Downloading hosted files
Note  The following information is for server administrators and group administrators.
Transfer database files from FileMaker Server to your computer’s file system.
To download one or more hosted databases:
1. Click the Activity > Databases tab.
2. Open the Databases folder, the additional database folder, or the group folder, if required.
3. Select one or more Closed databases. If the database is not closed, see Closing hosted files.
4. Click Folder icon, then choose Download Database.
If the databases use container fields that store objects externally, FileMaker Server creates a .zip file containing the selected databases and folders for the external container field objects. Depending on your web browser, the web browser may save the .zip file to the default downloads folder, or it may ask you to specify the location for the .zip file.
If the selected databases do not use container fields that store objects externally, FileMaker Server downloads large database files as .zip files and small database files as .fmp12 files.
FileMaker Server logs a message in Event.log indicating the success or failure of the download.
If the pop-up blocker is enabled in your web browser, a pop-up blocker message may display when you attempt to download database files.
If you are a group administrator, your server administrator must configure your administrator group to allow you to download hosted databases in your group folder. For more information, contact your server administrator.
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