Enabling sharing via ODBC/JDBC
Enabling sharing via ODBC/JDBC
Note  The following information is for server administrators.
FileMaker Server can host data via ODBC/JDBC for other applications (like spreadsheets, word processors, and reporting tools). Users can view, analyze, and modify data in hosted FileMaker databases. To host data, you must enable this feature in FileMaker Server Admin Console and use FileMaker Pro to enable sharing via ODBC/JDBC in each database that you want to share.
See Sharing FileMaker databases via ODBC and JDBC.
To enable sharing via ODBC/JDBC:
1. Click the General Settings > ODBC/JDBC tab.
2. Select Enable ODBC/JDBC.
Enabling this feature allows clients to use FileMaker Server as a data source via ODBC and JDBC. You do not need to enable this OBDC/JDBC data source feature to host FileMaker Pro databases that access an external SQL data source via ODBC. See Accessing external ODBC data sources.
For other applications to access FileMaker data hosted on FileMaker Server, ODBC and JDBC client drivers must be installed on the machines running the other applications. Installers for the client drivers are available in the xDBC folder in the installation disk image and on the FileMaker downloads page. See FileMaker ODBC and JDBC Guide.
You must use FileMaker Pro to enable ODBC/JDBC sharing in each database you want to share. See FileMaker Pro Help.
For details on the SQL statements supported by FileMaker software, see FileMaker SQL Reference.