Database and backup folder settings > Setting up a progressive backup folder
Setting up a progressive backup folder
Enable progressive backups of your hosted databases, specify the save interval for progressive backups, and specify the path to a folder used for progressive backup files.
Important  The progressive backup folder cannot be a parent or a subfolder of the default database folder, the backup folder, an additional database folder, or the Scripts folder. Any databases in the default database folder are automatically opened when FileMaker Server starts if the Automatically open databases that are in the database folders setting is enabled on the General Settings > Startup tab.
To specify the progressive backup folder:
1. Click the Database Server > Folders tab.
2. For Progressive Backup Folder, select Enable progressive backups.
3. Enter the number of minutes for Save interval. The Save interval can be any number between 1 and 99 minutes. The default is 5 minutes.
4. For Path, enter the full path to the location of the new progressive backup folder. The maximum length of the path is 255 characters.
Windows: The path you enter must start with filewin:/ and end with a slash (/).
For example, filewin:/driveLetter:/folderName/
macOS: The path you enter must start with filemac:/ and end with a slash (/).
For example, filemac:/volumeName/folderName/
5. Click Validate to ensure that the path is correct. See Tips for valid folders.
FileMaker recommends that you specify a progressive backup folder on a different hard drive than the one where the hosted databases reside. Since the progressive changes may be written to the progressive backup folder at nearly the same time that changes are written to the hosted databases, using two different hard drives may improve Server performance.
Creating the initial set of backup files in the progressive backup folder may impact Server performance. Once you have specified the progressive backup settings, avoid making changes to these settings. Any changes to the progressive backup settings, except for changing the save interval number, requires FileMaker Server to create a full backup of all hosted databases.
In rare cases, the progressive backup might fail if the machine's clock where FileMaker Server is installed changes by more than the save interval. FileMaker Server uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for progressive backups; therefore, any time zone or daylight savings time changes do not impact the progressive backup.