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Viewing client statistics
Note  The following information is for server administrators.
Use the Statistics > Clients tab to monitor server performance and diagnose the causes of FileMaker Server performance problems. Admin Console displays client statistics collected during remote calls made by each FileMaker client, all Web Publishing Engine clients, and all ODBC and JDBC clients to FileMaker Server.
If you enable the Client statistics setting on the Database Server > Logging tab, the client statistics are collected and logged in the ClientStats.log. The ClientStats.log is created in the FileMaker Server/Logs/ folder. You can view the ClientStats.log using an application that can open tab-delimited text files. If you stop Admin Console, FileMaker Server automatically stops collecting and logging client statistics. See Viewing log file entries.
Note  If you use the Statistics > Clients tab in larger deployments, FileMaker Server performance may be adversely affected. Use the Statistics > Clients tab only when needed to troubleshoot FileMaker Server performance problems.
To view client statistics:
1. Click the Statistics > Clients tab.
2. Click Pause to pause the update of client statistics in the Statistics > Clients tab. Click Resume to continue updating client statistics.
For a FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go client, the user login name is displayed.
For ODBC clients, JDBC clients, and Web Publishing clients, a machine identifier with an IP address is displayed.
For FileMaker WebDirect clients, a FileMaker WebDirect session identifier is displayed.
For FileMaker Data API clients, the user login name and client IP address or host name is displayed.
Remote Calls
Number of remote calls completed. Note that there can be multiple remote calls to perform a single operation from the client's perspective.
In Progress
Number of remote calls which are pending completion. The start of the remote call can be during the current collection interval or the previous interval.
Elapsed Time
Elapsed time (in microseconds) of a completed remote call or an in-progress remote call.
I/O Time
Time (in microseconds) spent by the client’s thread waiting for input and output to complete.
Wait Time
Time (in microseconds) spent by the client’s thread waiting for other threads or resources.
Net Bytes In
Number of bytes received from the client to FileMaker Server (data requests).
Net Bytes Out
Number of bytes sent to the client from FileMaker Server (notifications).
Each row of the Statistics > Clients tab displays the statistics for an individual FileMaker client or the total statistics for all Web Publishing clients and all ODBC and JDBC clients. Web Publishing clients includes FileMaker WebDirect connections and Custom Web Publishing (PHP, XML) connections.
To reduce the overhead required to calculate statistics, you can increase the interval between each time FileMaker Server collects statistics. However, the client statistics then become approximations of how FileMaker Server is actually using system resources. See Logging and statistics settings.
If a client is disconnected anytime during the statistics collection interval, the statistics for that client are not displayed on the Statistics > Clients tab.
The following types of information are not included on the Statistics > Clients tab:
Operations that occur only on the client, such as sorting data that has already been downloaded to the client.
Local operations that occur on the machine hosting FileMaker Server, such as backups, server-side scripting, or schedules.
You can directly interact with the list. For example, you can sort items in the list by clicking a column heading, put the columns in a different order by dragging the column heading, and resize the width of a column by dragging a column heading border.
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