Administering databases
Administering databases
Note  The following information is for server administrators and group administrators.
The Activity > Databases tab lists the databases hosted by FileMaker Server that you are allowed to manage.
If you are logged in as the server administrator, the Activity > Databases tab lists all hosted databases.
If you are a group administrator, the Activity > Databases tab lists the hosted databases in your administrator group folder.
About hosted databases
If the Automatically open databases that are in the database folders setting is enabled on the General Settings > Startup tab, when FileMaker Server starts, it automatically hosts all files in the FileMaker Server Databases folder and the optional additional database folder, as well as files in subfolders one level down. See Hosting databases.
Viewing database details
To view details for clients currently connected to the database, select the database name, then view the Details for section.
If you are a group administrator, your server administrator must configure your administrator group to allow you to manage the databases in your group folder. For more information, contact your server administrator.
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