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Trigonometric functions
Trigonometric functions are used to calculate degrees, angles, and other geometric data.
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Returns the arccosine (Acos), or inverse cosine, of a number.
Returns the arcsine (Asin), or inverse sine, of a number.
Returns the trigonometric arc tangent (Atan), or inverse tangent, of a number.
Returns the cosine (Cos) of angleInRadians.
Converts angleInRadians to degrees.
Calculates the value of the constant Pi.
Converts angleInDegrees to radians.
Returns the sine (Sin) of angleInRadians expressed in radians.
Returns the tangent (Tan) of angleInRadians.
All trigonometric functions use radians as the unit of measure. Once you have a result, you can convert the radians into degrees using the Degrees function.
The return values of all trigonometric functions except Degrees, Pi, and Radians are valid only up to 15 decimal places even if you use the SetPrecision function to specify greater precision.
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