Text operators
Use text operators to combine two or more text items into one larger item, indicate text constants in a formula, format the results of a formula, or represent special characters in a formula.
Appends the text string on the right to the end of the text string on the left. Text strings can be fields, constants enclosed in quotes, or certain functions.
" "
Text constant
Marks the beginning and the end of characters to be considered a text constant. Quotation marks without text between them indicate an empty value (no text). If you enter text into a formula without using quotation marks, FileMaker Pro tries to interpret the text as a field or function name.
Marks an operator character to be used as a character instead of an operator.
Carriage return
Inserts a paragraph carriage return in the result of a formula.
/* */
C style comment
Marks the beginning and the end of characters to be considered as text comments within a formula.
C++ style comment
Identifies a single-line comment within a formula.
${ }
Reserved name
Identifies reserved function names and keywords used as field names and table names.
This formula concatenates the first and last name separated by a space:
FirstName & " " & LastName
For example, Michelle Cannon.
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