Creating and managing layouts and reports > Creating a layout > Managing layouts
Managing layouts
1. Choose File menu > Manage > Layouts.
2. In the Manage Layouts dialog box:
Do this
Create a new layout
Click New to display the New Layout/Report assistant. See Creating a layout.
Create a layout folder
Click the arrow next to New and choose Folder. In the Edit Folder dialog box, type a folder name. A folder appears as a submenu name in the Layout pop-up menu.
Expand or collapse a folder
Click the expand/collapse button to the left of the folder name, or press the + or - key (Windows) or the Right Arrow or Left Arrow key (macOS).
Rename or change other settings of a layout
Click Edit (or double-click a layout) to display the Layout Setup dialog box. See Editing layouts.
Duplicate, delete, or rename a layout
Rename a folder
Double-click the folder to rename. Type a new name in the Edit Folder dialog box.
Duplicate a folder
Select the folder, and click Duplicate. All its layouts and subfolders are duplicated.
Move a layout into or out of a folder
To move a layout into a folder, expand the folder (see above). Drag the layout under the expanded folder. The layout appears in the folder’s submenu in the Layout pop-up menu.
To move a layout out of a folder, drag the layout above the expanded folder. Or, drag the layout below the last item in the folder and to the left.
Delete a folder
Select the folder to delete, and click Delete. You can’t undo deleting a folder. The folder and all its layouts and subfolders are deleted.
Reorder a layout or folder in the list and have those changes appear in the Layout pop-up menu
View folders and their contents by folder name
In the list in the upper left of the dialog box, choose a folder name.
To show all layouts, choose Show All.
Filter the list of folders and layouts by name
In the box in the upper right of the dialog box, type all or part of a folder or layout name. The list filters as you type: typing a layout name displays the layout in the list, and typing a folder name displays the folder and its layouts and subfolders.
To show all folders and layouts, clear the box.
Open a layout in a document window
Select the layout in the list, and click Open.
Create a separator line for grouping items in the Layout pop-up menu
Note  A badge on the icon Layout script trigger badge in Manage Layouts dialog box next to a layout name indicates that a layout script trigger has been set for the layout.
3. To include or exclude a layout, folder, or separator line in the Layout pop-up menu, select the checkbox next to the item in the list, then select Include in layout menus.
When you create a layout, it is automatically added to the Layout pop-up menu.