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Install OnTimer Script
Runs a specified script at the specified interval.
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Install OnTimer Script ["<script>"; Parameter: <script parameter>; Interval: <number>]
Script lets you specify the script you want to perform.
Optional script parameter lets you specify a script parameter for the specified script.
Interval seconds is the value in seconds that the timer waits before running the script.
Where the script step runs 
FileMaker Pro 
FileMaker Server 
FileMaker Go 
Custom Web Publishing 
FileMaker WebDirect 
Runtime solution 
Originated in 
FileMaker Pro 10.0
This script step installs a single timer on the active window and repeats the specified script in that window until another Install OnTimer Script step installs a timer on the window or until the window closes. You can halt an installed timer by running another Install OnTimer Script step without specifying a script or interval.
If a script is running, any scripts associated with timers will not run until the script that is running finishes.
If the active window has an installed timer and the user or a script opens a new window, the new window inherits the timer.
Each window can have a separate timer operating at the same time. Timers continue to run even if windows are in the background or hidden. If you’re using dialog windows and timers, see About window styles.
The value of the Optional script parameter option is evaluated when the timer script is performed, which could be much later than when the timer is installed. At that time, Get(ScriptParameter) will have no value, because a timer script is never started while another script is running. To specify a value for the timer script to use later, use a constant, a global field, a global (not local) variable, or a calculation using functions other than Get(ScriptParameter) in this script step’s Optional script parameter option.
To run scripts on a schedule and independently of open windows, see FileMaker Server Help.
Example 1 
Uses the Install OnTimer Script step to run the Clock script once every minute.
Script: Clock OnTimer
Install OnTimer Script ["Clock"; Interval: 60]
Script: Clock
Set Field [Clock::Time; Get ( CurrentTime )]
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