Finding records > Omitting records from a found set
Omitting records from a found set
All records that are not in the found set are omitted, or hidden. You can omit additional records from the found set without doing a new find.
Important  Omitted records are temporarily excluded from the found set. They still exist in the database.
Do this
Omit a specific record
Display or select the record to omit, then choose Records menu > Omit.
Omit a series of records
Display or select the first record in a number of consecutive records to omit, then choose Records menu > Omit Multiple. In the Omit Multiple dialog box, type the number of records to omit, then click Omit.
View the omitted set
Do one of the following:
Click the pie chart Pie chart icon in the status toolbar.
Choose Records menu > Show Omitted Only.
View all records in the file
In Browse mode, click Show All in the status toolbar.
In Find mode, choose Requests menu > Show All Records.
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