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Defining and changing fields
When you create a new solution, FileMaker Pro opens in Browse mode and displays the Manage Database dialog box, where you define fields. You create each field name and choose its field type. Then you can select options that determine how the field interprets, enters, calculates, stores, and displays data.
To define or change fields:
1. If you’re creating a new solution, the Manage Database dialog box opens in Browse mode.
To change existing field definitions, choose File menu > Manage > Database.
2. Click the Fields tab if it is not displayed.
3. If needed, choose the appropriate table from the Table list.
4. Add, change, or delete fields.
Do this
Add a field
For Field Name, type a name for the field. For Type, choose a field type. Then click Create. To set options for validation, auto entry, and storage for the field, click Options. See Setting options for fields.
Change a field’s name
Select the field. For Field Name, type the new name, then click Change. See About naming fields.
Change the field type
Select the field. For Type, select a new field type, then click Change. See About choosing a field type.
Change field options
Double-click the field name, or select the field and click Options.
Delete a field
Select the field, then click Delete.
Change a calculation formula
Select the calculation field, then click Options (or double-click the field name). In the Specify Calculation dialog box, make your changes, then click OK. See Defining calculation fields.
Change a summary field
Select the summary field, then click Options (or double-click the field name). In the Options for Summary Field dialog box, make your changes, then click OK. See Defining summary fields.
If you changed a calculation formula or summary calculation, FileMaker Pro recalculates the values when you close the Manage Database dialog box.
To have fields that you define automatically placed on a layout, select the Add newly defined fields to current layout preference (in the Preferences dialog box) before you define the fields. See Setting layout preferences.
To change the order in which fields appear in the Manage Database dialog box (and all dialog boxes that list fields), drag the double arrow Double arrow icon next to the field definition up or down. To reorder by field name or type, click the Field Name or Type column heading.
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